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SCS studio

The growing need for global engineering technical support, capable of providing an adequate response to the many technical interface problems related to design, construction management and construction, as well as the verification, commissioning and testing of technologically complex plants find their answer in the competence and experience of the studio. The clients, even foreign ones, are typically companies and public bodies that need even complex solutions.

Extensive instrumental equipment supports the work of the studio, which has been the only AABC certified member in Europe for the activities of TAB ( Testing, Adjusting and Balancing) since 2009.

The certification of technician competent in acoustics, as well as operator of 2nd level thermography ensure activity certified in every aspect of the verification and testing process.

Design, project review, construction supervision, commissioning, audit, DALT (duct leakage test), TAB (testing, adjusting and balancing) of HVAC systems as an independent third-party entity are our main activities.

studio di ingegneria SCS, Pordenone